A Vintage Clothing Cooperative in Rochester, NY.


Open Hours

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday

11:00 am - 6: 00 pm

Available by appointment

November Pop-Ups

Albertine Colwell | @albertine.colwell

Alchemilia | @alchemilia.designs

Alice & Marty | @alice_and_marty

Ark Vintage | @arkroc

Astral Vintage | @astral.vintage

de la Vintage

Earthly Delights | @earthlydelightsvintage

Good Choice | @goodchoicevintage

HandPiqued Uniques

Mamisonga Urban Thrifts

Staple Vintage | @staplevintage

Sula Vintage | @mmariecarroll

Twice Upon a Time | @twiceuponatimedesign

U.H.B. Vintage | @uhb_vintage

Videre Vintage | @viderevintage

Wednesday Vintage | @wednesday_vintage

Wildflower Vintage | @lizmacey

WyldeByrd Vintage | @wyldebyrdvintage

The Op Shop is a vintage + handmade co-op located in Rochester's East End area at 89 Charlotte Street, next door to Ugly Duck Coffee.

Our collective passions lie in providing sustainable items that are handmade locally or given a second life to our customers in an effort to embody our slow fashion ideals while supporting small. We are made up of small shops where vendors pop up on a month-by-month basis. Our revolving inventory, while restocking as we please, squashes your thought of vintage shops as stale and dusty old things! With fresh opportunities every month, we would love to collaborate with you sometime, so pop in and pop up!

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