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WhAt kind of rack do you recommend to Pop Up?

You will need to provide your own hangers and a clothing rack which is easily accessible online via amazon $30, ikea for $10, or target for $20. The prices range and so does the quality. Avoid plastic racks at all cost, they’re not durable and will sway with too many items hung on it. See our vendor info page for more info on pop-ups!

Set up vs. Pop Up?

Set up will be scheduled with Joanna the week prior to the beginning of your Pop Up. Set up takes at most an hour that includes installing your rack, hanging your items and organizing your display for your Pop Up.

What qualifies as vintage?

Anything 20 years or older. 1990’s is now vintage! We assess items that are sold in the shop to ensure no modern pieces are sold as vintage. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

DO you do Consignment?

Yes! Consignment inquiries can contact us here. We will ask for photos of some of the things you’re interested in consigning and if they are items that are currently selling at the shop, we’ll set up an appointment. Keep in mind we usually sell in-season, so winter items during cold weather, etc.  

Do you sell home decor?

We are mainly a clothing & accessories shop but we do have a curated selection of vendors that sell home decor.

Why the Name Op Shop?

I went to school in the Village of Alfred, NY. Every Tuesday the church on Main Street (the only street with a stop light) would open during the afternoon and sell second hand. The shop was called the Op Shop, short for Opportunity. I like how it encapsulated the words Opportunity and Co-Op and Pop up. Nothing is better than some fun word play!

Why a Co-op?

The mentality of a membership and community aspect to a business seems like the antidote to a struggling small shop like ours on our own. When we band together and have a unique hub of fashion, people are excited to find all they’re looking for (and more!) in one place. 

When did you open?

We opened on New Years Eve day 2017 and what a great way that was to bring in the New Year!

Where Do you find your inventory?

Our inventory is unique! Made up of different vendors who collect and find vintage or who upcycle and design their own creations. This gives the shop a unique, all-across-the-board feel, where no style or era of fashion is off limits. There is an endless supply of choice finds at The Op Shop! 

How do I pop up?

IT'S EASY! Fill out the online vendor form and view our terms & conditions. You do not need to be a business owner to pop up, we have vendors from all different experiences and backgrounds (which makes it all the better!).