People have such a way with words. 


Racheal Gootnik, Just Terrific

“Joanna of The Op Shop spent time getting to know me and my outlook on my personal style. She curated a large selection of pieces in my size and color palette for me to explore. We discussed what worked with my body type and how to style vintage clothing to fit a modern woman. Her ability to listen to my tastes and consider my unique frame, helped me feel more comfortable with my selections; now signature additions to my collection. For anyone who appreciates shopping vintage needs to make the Op Shop their top stop in Rochester.” 



"Perfect for those interested in selling vintage clothing & accessories. Whether you're an online seller, own your own shop or just have an overflowing collection your looking to downsize, The Op Shop is the perfect spot to start, continue to try your hand at selling vintage."


"All of Liv At The Op Shop Downtown" - Rochester Women Magazine

"Being a Rochester Native, Liv is especially grateful for the opportuinity to have her clothing and accessories shared at this shop Downtown. Having a physical location to share her items is a major opportunity to reach beyond her Instagram (@allofliv) following/shoppers. and to connect more with the Community she has always immensley adored."